Helpful Hints for Kosher Travel


We ship only within Contiguous Unites States by FedEx Priority Overnight.

We hope that with the help of Hashem your trip will be successful. While we try to do everything possible to insure that your foods will arrive fresh and safe, we cannot guarantee our "travel" orders to always arrive at their destination in wholesome condition.  However, here are a few suggestions to help you along:

  • Take food along with you onto the airplane.  Kosher meals are sometimes forgotten or misplaced by the airlines; planes can be delayed or re-routed.
  • It is a good idea to also keep your Tallit, Tefillin, and Siddur with you on the plane; sometimes baggage is misplaced. 
  • Try to keep food cool and well insulated. A cardboard box with a thick lining of newspaper will keep food cool for several hours. For longer trips, add ice packs. 
  • Kosher food must be uniquely marked for identification when stored in hotel refrigerators, freezers, kitchens, etc. Affix labels to all items and seal them so they cannot be opened without you noticing it. Seals must be opened by the consumer, not by hotel personnel.
  • When heating food in an unkosher oven, the food must be wrapped in double layers of aluminum foil, using the dry heat only, without water.  This also applies to kosher meals ordered through the hotel when heated in the hotel's ovens. 
  • If stove tops have to be used, they must be burnt out first at the highest setting for 20 minutes, or double-wrap items in foil.  For microwave ovens, items may be put into double plastic bags. 
  • Do not give your kosher meat to the hotel to broil on their non-kosher grills. 
  • Most of the time, even the simplest foods (including fish) are prepared with unkosher ingredients or utensils.  Refrain from eating any cooked food in any establishment not under a known reliable Kashrut supervision.  Even vegetarian and health food restaurants use unkosher items. 
  • "Kosher Style" does not mean kosher. 
  • Do not use the hotel's china cups and plates, or their flatware.  Glass items are all okay to use.
  • Take with you a supply of plastic plates, cups, and cutlery. 
  • If feasible, take with you or buy there a small pot, an immersion heater for water, or even a small hot plate (110/220 V inside USA, 200 V outside).
  • Take along a few basic non-perishable food items like matzot, vacuum-packed cold cuts or cheeses, canned tuna or other fish.  Nuts and whole grain crackers are nutritious as well as filling. 
  • In an emergency, an empty kosher vegetable can may be used for heating up water, boiling eggs, preparing beverages, soups, pasta, etc. 
  • Ice cubes (from a machine or the hotel) in a sink, plastic bag, or other container can serve as a temporary refrigerator. 
  • What to do in case of food lost or spoiled:
         For assistance, call:
         Seuda Foods (718) 375-1500
  • Supermarkets may be stocked with basic commercial kosher items. Fresh fruit and vegetable are available everywhere. 
  • Especially when travelling outside the USA, take along a good supply of small packs of sugar, salt, other condiments, tea, coffee, cocoa, soups, oat meal, powdered milk, etc.