About us

  Seuda Foods Inc. was established in 1970 as a small food take out establishment. Seuda Foods provides the local neighborhood with fresh gourmet food, specializing in middle eastern delicacies. Over the past forty nine years, we have expanded our take out business well beyond our local neighborhood. We now have a customer basis in Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, as well as parts of New Jersey. Seuda Foods has become a household name to many. We pride ourselves in using many fresh ingredients, resulting in high quality products  and a large variety of foods to choose from. This guarantees we maintain our existing customers, as well as continuously attracting new ones. Our extensive list of hors d'oeuvre is extraordinary. They range from vegetarian pick ups, to dairy antipasto, as well as beef hors d'oeuvre. We also have an impressive array of salads and specialty pickles and of course main course dishes. 

Shortly after establishing our takeout, we launched our catering services, heeding to the demand of our customers. Today we do many high class events at a variety of off site locations in, but not limited to, Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Our customers know they are getting delectable food as well as personalized attention to their every need, making their event a success. This faction of the business has had enormous success as we continue to see the return of many clients and draw new ones. 

Anyone keeping the kosher dietary laws knows that it is often difficult to come by kosher food when traveling. To service our customers we started offering our gourmet food with the option of having it shipped to anywhere in the United States. We also added to our menu a variety of eighteen prepackaged travel meals. Our customers know that our food is available to them on their business trips or just a family vacation, shipped right to their location.

The name "Seuda" became synonyms with the high quality food products. We are committed to continue bring you the "BEST" in every way.