IMPORTANT General Information


We ship only within Contiguous Unites States by FedEx Priority Overnight.

Here are some things to keep in mind when browsing our website.

All our food is made fresh, using many fresh ingredients and then frozen in preparation to being shipped.

Our food is then double wrapped in foil and sealed with a special kosher sealing tape. This enables you to warm the food in a non kosher oven after removing any plastic wrapping and as long as the food remains double wrapped. (Not meant for warming in a microwave, unless the food is transferred  to a microwavable dish which is not provided by us.) 

Please note that beverages, bakery items, salads, and cold cuts are Not double wrapped as they are not meant to be warmed in an oven.

For kashrut information - kosher certification- and related information please click on "kosher certification" located on the bottom left of our web page.

Important allergen information: Our food may contain or come in contact with  peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame seeds, eggs, soy, milk or wheat.       

As you brows our menu, all the choices (aside from fish, according to your custom)  from our Parve menu can be eaten with any dairy or meat dish you choose

When choosing a specific item from our menu, you will see that each item comes in different quantities. (For example beef kibe comes in quantities of 6 pieces, 12 pieces, 18 pieces and 24 pieces.) By clicking on the arrow next to the number of pieces you will be able to chance the quantities to your desired amount. Being that the food is double wrapped and sealed we recommend ordering the amount you need for each meal instead of ordering one tin of a larger amount and then splitting it. (For example if you need one 22 oz. tin of rice for Sunday night and one 22 oz. tin of rice for Monday night, we recommend you order two 22 oz. tins of rice and not one 44 oz. tin of rice this way you have no problems with warming it up.)

Many of the menu options are made to order, placing your order 7 days in advance of the shipping date  will allow us to do our best to completely fill, package and freeze your order. We ship overnight, so the shipping date would be the day before you wish to receive your order.

When picking your shipping date, please remember, we can Not ship any orders on Sunday, Friday, Saturday, Jewish or legal holidays.

We generally ship FedEx Priority Overnight. We chose Fed Ex as our carrier due to their reputation with overnight deliveries. To our knowledge they are superior to their competition in this area. However even they can have a delay. Sometimes due to an error in their part and sometimes just due to an inclement of weather which no one has control over (for example snow, heavy wind, thunder storms ect.). We do recommend as a precaution for you to allow us to ship the food one day in advance from when you will need it. This way, if Fed Ex has a one day delay -which can happen- you are covered and the food will end up arriving on the day you will need it. Usually (but we cannot guarantee) a one day delay in shipment during the cold winter months will not cause spoilage to the food.

Please note that if you do choose to have the food shipped out early you must notify the hotel that a box of special dietary food will arrive prior to your arrival and that they should hold it for you in their freezer until you arrive. It is also strongly recommend that when the package does arrive - if you track it with fed ex, to call the hotel and make sure they have the box and place it in the freezer. 

In the event that your package has an unexpected delay and not due to any negligence on your part, is due to arrive on Shabbat, please consult your Rabbi on how to proceed. In some cases it may be permissible to use the food on Shabbat. Provided that it is warmed according to the halacha.

Please read our terms and conditions (found at the bottom left side of our web page) prior to placing your order. We feel that an aware customer makes a happy customer. We at Seuda Foods Inc., want to make sure every single one of our customers are happy with our food and service.

When placing your order, we will need the following information:

~ The date you would like us to ship the food (please place the order minimum 7 days before shipping for the best service)
~ The address you would like us to ship the food to
~ The name on the reservation where the package will be delivered (if it is a hotel)
~ Reservation number where the package will be delivered (if it is a hotel)
~ And a credit card for payment (including the expiration date, CVV #  and billing zip code for the credit card)
~ A telephone number

    Please remember that the prices on this website do not include the shipping cost. The shipping cost will not be known until your order is prepared, packed and ready to be shipped. Only then will we know the weight and thus be able to determine the shipping cost. (We hope, shortly when our website is fully functional to be able to provide you with accurate shipping costs.)

    If you feel that you would like to reach us you can find our contact information at the bottom left side of our web page tiled "contact us". We are available to help you in anyway we can. 

    We look forward to serving you!

    The Staff at Seuda